Saturday, June 6, 2015


Hooray! We are off and running with this year's Summer Reading Online! We have around 40 members so far this year. I think there are many more who have joined the Goodreads Group, but have not yet commented or created a thread of their own too! This is super exciting. If you have joined but don't see your name in the participant list on the sidebar or on the participant page please comment and I will fix that ASAP. If you're already posting reviews consider adding the tag #SRO15 so people can see your reviews. I've gotten a few offers of prizes so we'll have at least three prize packs this year. I will also be working on a badge for people to add to their blogs if they so desire. (Or if you have mad graphic design skillz you could do it for me....) I'm so excited to have so many participants this year! It's going to be an awesome program. ;)


  1. Book #1 Daughter of Deep Silence

    Book #2 Pixelated

    This is fun! 10 more books to go. I hope to hit it and more. Some of you were very driven on your book goals! Good luck to all!

  2. Book # 3 The Witch Hunter